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Since her residency workshop, Get Rich or Tie-Dying, Lizzie King has established herself as the undisputed queen of tie-dye. She has released a book on the topic, hosted numerous dye sessions across London schools, festivals and Nike basketball courts. This two-hour workshop is an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade creating stunning effects and patterns using folding, scrunching and swirling techniques. With colours ranging from electric pink to soft blue and pastel yellow, the provided pair of socks and t-shirt might not feel like enough dying for one day. Fear not, enthusiasts are welcome to bring along another 100% cotton item, so get your gloves on and book your tie-dye here.

When: Saturday 27th January, 2pm – 4pm

Price: £26

Where: Arch 5, 5 Bohemia Place, E9 6ND


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