The bread


Breakin'Bread is a swedish style crispbread (knäckebröd ˈknɛ.kəbrøːt/) that ticks all the boxes. It's gluten-free (thanks to buckwheat flour), vegan (simply because it happens to be) and organic (because, of course). The bread is packed full of seeds, making it naturally rich in protein, fibre and all natural goodness.


Born from a love of all things tasty and nutritious, we are all about the guilt-free treats. we serve our Breakin'Bread with all kinds of dips (go-to's are hummus and baba ganoush), on our cheeseboards, with peanut butter and banana, or simply just on their own. It's disappearingly good. We gurantee.

Visit one of our stockists to try our two flavours; pumpkin, sunflower & chia seeds // rosemary, olive oils & sea salt




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