About us

Not the most traditional Swede


As a Swede moving from Stockholm to London in 2013, I soon missed the umpteen varieties of crispbread and crackers available back home. My mum had a fabulous recipe to hand (mainly just seeds) and this became the base for what Breakin'Bread is today. 


Loving a good dinner party and to host, a cheeseboard with homemade crispbread became a a occurrence and people seemed to love it! As I'd myself experienced, it was something that was missing in the UK. And the fact that it happened to be gluten-free and vegan, just meant it ticked all the boxes.


Nonetheless, it took several years of cracker compliments before I started producing and selling Breakin'Bread. In September 2019 we made our debut at Oval Farmer's Market and sold out for the first time!


Since then Breakin'Bread has been growing very organically, one stockist at a time and I'm thrilled to be sharing these tasty and gluten-free treats with all my fellow crispbread fans!


Angie x